The company "Costantini Glassbeads di Moretti Alessandro" opens only in 2006 but in fact has a long family tradition that has lasted almost a century.
Originally there were the great-grandfather and grandfather Ubaldo Costantini Costantini Cleto that produced both autonomously and in collaboration with other partners, see Costantini - Melloni & Moretti - Costantini & Valmarana.

Alessandro during his childhood loves spending his free time in the historic farm of his grandfather who day after day seeing the interest of the only grandson, begins to explain the various phases of the glass and the secrets of the trade. Even the workers in a race and the other to pull the canes of glass beads which then become help him to learn this ancient work. Or the ladies, telling stories and spinning frames with long fringes for lampshades. It remains to hours watching his grandfather and shreds the cane glass beads to make them and what they do not see it, run and play among the hundreds of boxes containing beads of all colors and sizes, some so small they look like sand.

Surely all this fascinating journey for him was the spark that led him to attend the Art Institute of Venice specializing in glass and graduated as Master of Applied Arts thus learning all the techniques and types of Venetian glass over than to design it.

In 2006 he started working on his own with "Costantini Glassbeads di Moretti Alessandro" keeping the mother's surname is the name for the strong bond with his grandfather, and because this was now become a brand known for decades around the world. He decided, however, unlike its predecessors to expand the production process of inserting the typical Venetian lampwork beads. Production and processing techniques by studying personally run ever used and trying to get through the merger of the new canes of glass beads from a more traditional flavor, but at the same time pointing to modernity.

The production of  "Costantini Glassbeads di Moretti Alessandro" beads ranging from glass beads, Venetian beads produced using the ancient technique of air, lampwork beads, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, fashion accessories, fashion or fringed lampshades, furniture up to the wedding favors.

As business and personal goals, Alessandro the revival of the original Murano glass bead produced exclusively in the famous island, research and development of new techniques and the maintenance and preservation of old techniques passed down from father to son, or his If my grandfather's nephew, since the time of the Serenissima.

In 2008, after accumulating short experience with many designers and fashion houses meets Cristina Bedin which begins with an exchange of experiences and interests to be involved with other lovers of the original glass bead to organize and present events and parades fashion with "Do you Bead". - www.doyoubead.com -
Combining old beads made from his family and new Venetian beads Alessandro raises collections made from time to time in various events and networking with other designers and individually. Among these we can mention:

  • Simboli & Dei - Stoppin Time (2010)
  • Il leone e i Mori (2010)
  • Leggende Veneziane – Arcana (2011)
  • I sestieri di Venezia – 2011
  • Lava & Fuoco 2012
  • Hypnosis by sand and water 2013

In 2013 Alessandro was involved as a speaker and consultant in a project called "Gioielli di Vetro" (Jewels of Glass) by Bianca Cappello. This project is carried out in collaboration between the Politecnico of Milan, the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence and the 'Academy of Fine Arts in Venice.

The company "Costantini Glassbeads di Moretti Alessandro" is the fusion between tradition and innovation, without forgetting the past and the future passion and quality.